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Getting your message to the right people at the right moment is key to so many things: your advocacy strategy, your fundraising activities, your communications objectives, ... but primarily for your own good as you did a good job on an important cause and you want the right people to know and join your mission.

"Do good and talk about it" sounds so simple, but as you have experienced by now, it's not. You and your cause deserve better, and this is where we come in, by amplifying your voice!

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About me

just a few things

BJÖRN BECKERCommunications Consultant

In Brussels since 2001. Expertise in media policy & development cooperation. A to Z event planner & manager. Experience in government communications.
6 years in charge of communications at European children’s rights network.

ONE-STOP-SHOPTeam of experts

During my career I worked together with quite a few specialists in the vast field of communications. I’m happy that the best of them join me now as my back-office team of experts. See below.

CREATIVEOut-of-the-box thinking

I’m well aware of the challenging situation of NGOs who are communicating and lobbying the EU institutions. Sometimes solutions need to be fast, sometimes special or budget-friendly. Sometimes all three. I know how.

15+ years of Experience
11strong Team of Experts
5Languages (EN, DE, FR, NL, RU)

our amazing back-office experts




WIKAFI is a dynamic company of web developers. Websites, emailing, applications,.. You have a problem, they have a solution. And they are among the few in Belgium who work with Typo3, a sophisticated and powerful Open Source CMS.

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Sophie is a professional photographer with a passion for social causes. She has a journalistic approach and aims to capture the stories that lies behind the still images. She specialises in event, travel and wedding photography.

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Véronique is an experienced graphic designer who manages to unite 'time for the client', a good eye for the essential, and meeting the deadline. She creates logos, designs websites, and layouts any means of communication.

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Jean-Baptiste is a multi-skilled web specialist and a WordPress expert having his own website hosting services. He is the right partner when it has to go quick and when it's getting complicated.

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Alexandre Dechaumont


Alexandre has 10 years experience in video making. He worked for several media and saw the increasing impact of online-video in the communication mix of organisations. By mastering all steps of video creation and having and 'out of the box' approach, Alexandre makes video communication easy.

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More to come…


More team members will be added soon.

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the latest from the


Daniel Tanahatoe, communication advisor European Liberal Democrats, gave a presentation about his experience with "Facebook Lead Ads", a new and

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On 10 May, at our monthly after-work drinks, Daniel Fritz, Digital Communications & Data Analytics Consultant for the European Commission &

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Lorenzo Marchese, Independent Consultant in PR and Communication, presented on 10 May (BucoproX) 2) an Erasmus Program for European SMEs: MobiliseSME

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At our Comms After-work drinks in May Alex Aleksanyan, CEO of Neocodis, spoke about "The nuts and bolts of a website".

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"Getting Things Done" (GTD for short) is a system developed by David Allen a few years ago. It is basically

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Martin Ophoven is a performer, consultant and spiritual skateboarder @ Power of the Soul. At our February meeting he told us

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